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Sexuality studies in Latin America: a critical approach

Publié le 30 novembre 2009 Mis à jour le 29 septembre 2023

30 novembre

Kathya Araujo
(Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano - Chili)
salle Janne


This presentation will argue that the path taken by Sexuality Studies in Latin America shows in a transparent way two main risks in the international discussion and in the political strategies implemented concerning this issue. First, the risk that entails reducing the discussion and political activism around sexualities to terms of rights and citizenship. Second: the consequences of the import of concepts in the context of the trasnationalisation of political struggle for the understanding of a new domination mechanisms in specific societies.


Psychoanalyst and PHD in American Studies. Director of The Gender and Society Studies Program at the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Santiago de Chile. Her main research lines are gender and sexuality and subject configuration and individuation processes. In the field of sexualities she has published the following books: Cruce de Lenguas. Sexualidades, Diversidad, Ciudadanía (Edition. LOM; 2007) and Estudios sobre sexualidades en América Latina (coedited with M. Prieto. FLACSO-Ecuador: 2008).