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Chaire Suzanne Tassier « Reflections on Gender and History

Publié le 21 mars 2016 Mis à jour le 22 septembre 2023

21 mars

Monday 21 March, 6-8pm
Becoming a feminist theorist
In this lecture I will look at my own trajectory in the historical context in which I came of age as a feminist historian.
ULB, Campus du Solbosch, bâtiment U, porte B, 5e étage, local 132 (UB5.132)

Toutes les leçons suivantes auront lieu sur le Campus du Solbosch, Maison des Arts, Avenue Jeanne 56, 1050 Bruxelles (J56.2.205)

Tuesday 22 March, 4-6 pm
History, gender and psychoanalysis
This lecture argues that, although there are many incommensurabilities between the disciplines of psychoanalysis and history, psychoanalytic theory introduces a needed uncertainty into historical practice.

Wednesday 23 March, 4-6 pm
"Entre braguettes": Gender and the perils of translation
This lecture explores the difficulty many feminists have had in translating the word "gender" into languages that do not have the concept as it was developed by British and American feminists. It examines the limits and possibilities presented by the task of translation.

Thursday 24 March, 4-6 pm
French secularism (laïcité) in historical perspective
A genealogy of laïcité from its uses in the anti-clerical campaigns of the 19th century to its current uses in relation to the status of Muslims as citizens of France.

Friday 25 March, 4-6 pm
The crisis of the neoliberal university
The tension between faculty autonomy and academic freedom and student demands for a safe and comfortable environment (the focus is the U.S., but with broader international implications).